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MacGregor global service network available 24/7

Global service network

MacGregor’s global service network extends to over 30 locations globally, with responsive local teams and 24/7 remote support. Our focus is to maximise our operational availability and to minimise unplanned downtime.

MacGregor is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for the following brands:
Ankerlökken Marine, Allset, ASCA, Becker, BMH, Conver-OSR, Grampian Hydraulics, Flintstone, Greer Marine, Hamworthy, Hatlapa, Hydralift, Hydramarine, Hydramaskin, Hägglunds, Interschalt, KGW, Kocks, Krupp Fördertechnik, Kvaerner Ships Equipment, KYB - ASCA, KYB – Kayaba Industries / Navire Cargo Gear, LMG, Luezhoe, MacGregor, MacGregor-Conver, MacGregor-Hägglunds, MacGregor-Kayaba, MacGregor-Navire, Mongstad Engineering, MTT, Navire, Navire Cargo Gear, NMF, Nordströms, Norlift, O&K, Ozean Service & Reparatur, Platform Crane Services (PCS), Plimsoll, Porsgrunn, Pusnes, Rapp Marine, Triplex, TTS, Velle Systems, Vestnorsk Hydraulikkservice (VNH) and Von Tell