We aim to help our customers improve both their sustainability and profitability

MacGregor is a world-leading provider of cargo and load handling solutions with sustainability and performance at its heart. Our vision is to become the customer centric leader in sustainable maritime cargo and load handling by continuing to shape the marine and offshore industries through the most value-creating services and solutions. 

MacGregor is a part of the Cargotec sustainability programme and also committed to pursuing science-based measures to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C. We aim to significantly reduce our own emissions, and help customers to reduce emissions of their operations. 

MacGregor’s climate roadmap is built on a fact based approach with the objective to deliver a quantitative reduction in emissions. The work is focused in three main areas:

  • Sourcing & manufacture with a particular focus on steel
  • Energy efficiency improvements in our equipment during their use phase
  • Customer operation emission reduction achieved through improved asset utilisation and operational efficiencies

The maritime industry has started its journey towards a more sustainable future driven by the IMO roadmap for reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping close to 2050 and external legislation like EU fit for 55, as well as stakeholders’ demands and initiatives. Whilst a lot of the industry transformation emphasis is on future fuels and propulsion technologies, the core reason that the maritime and offshore industries exist is to efficiently transport cargo and carry out safe & reliable operations at sea. 

This is where MacGregor, as a world-leading provider of cargo and load handling solutions, has a key role to play. We are committed to offer products and services to help customers mitigate environmental risks, optimise cargo flows and port turn-around times, and reduce energy consumption and overall operational costs with a focus on safety and maximising equipment availability. 

Driving industry change

Ever since the MacGregor brothers developed the first steel hatch covers in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1929 and founded the company, we have been a family of innovators united by a desire to deliver customer-driven products and services. 

MacGregor continues to drive industry change by developing new value-creating solutions that improve our customers’ operating efficiency and reduce emissions through new solutions, with examples being:

Sustainable management

MacGregor has implemented a new Certificate of Approval, which is approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, and includes approval of all three standards in one certificate; ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment) and ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety).

We support and follow Cargotec’s sustainability roadmap through our business-specific sustainability action plan and targets. MacGregor’s sustainability performance is reported through Cargotec’s sustainability reporting.


Ship emissions message needs to carry the full load

Ambitions to lower the environmental impact of shipping make more sense if all of the ways ships can reduce greenhouse gas emissions are fully recognised, according to cargo and load handling solution provider MacGregor.

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Electric cranes

MacGregor has delivered more than 600 electric cranes since 2007, with electric motor and drive system technology evolving significantly during this time. These developments have enabled the winch design, motor efficiency and cooling system to be further improved. As a result, the next generation electric crane is 15% more efficient than the first generation and up to 50% more efficient compared to the traditional closed-loop hydraulic design.

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